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Trophies Awarded to Incineroar

    Trophies > Postcount Trophies

  1. Goomba
    Awarded: Jun 10, 2016


    Points: 1

    The most basic inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom, Goombas are the foot soldiers of Bowser's army - though there's little they can do except run at you.
    Earned by: Posting a message anywhere on the forums.

  2. Trophies > Profile Trophies

  3. Creeper
    Awarded: Jun 10, 2016


    Points: 5

    The most recognizable hostile mob from Minecraft. Letting it get too close might blow up in your face - literally!
    Earned by: Filling out your Minecraft ID in your profile.

  4. Gordon Freeman
    Awarded: Jun 10, 2016

    Gordon Freeman

    Points: 5

    The silent protagonist of the Half-Life series.
    Earned by: Linking your Steam account to your 4P account and adding your Steam info to your profile.

  5. Pete
    Awarded: Jun 10, 2016


    Points: 5

    The friendly town mail carrier from the Animal Crossing series.
    Earned by: Linking your Twitter account to your 4P account.

  6. Trophies > Game Trophies

  7. Sentry Turret
    Awarded: Jun 10, 2016

    Sentry Turret

    Points: 5

    Hello? Are you still there? I see you. Target acquired.

  8. Jockey
    Awarded: Jun 10, 2016


    Points: 5

    Be careful when you hear the maniacal laugh - you might be in for the (last) ride of your life.