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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Announced, E3 2013 Trailer Released

Discussion in 'The Archive' started by Rhys, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Rhys

    Rhys Co-Webmaster

    May 10, 2011
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    The final installment of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is coming later this year, but to help tide you over, a new trailer has been released.

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  2. Cherrim

    Cherrim Resident KH Fangirl

    May 9, 2011
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    I... WHAT.

    It still looks like crap! My biggest complaint from the first trailer that released was that the character models looked really bad. They haven't fixed them. Or at least, the Lightning in her Assassin's Creed-esque outfit hasn't changed. Look at it at 0:54 in the trailer as she's running through that graveyard and especially in the scene right after. It looks unfinished! Like beta gameplay! I think they're trying to go more open-world with this one but if doing that means the game visually looks awful, they should just go back to their straight hallways. I'm not usually one for graphics but they've proven what they can do with Final Fantasy XIII's compilation and this is just not up to par. At all. I can't believe they're putting this footage in the trailer.

    Also I'm just going to take a moment to complain about the design of Lightning's AC outfit. From the front it's like a bondage getup. It's not armour in any way--it's just skin-tight leather, with gaps all over the place and belts and straps to keep it stuck to her body. And honestly? Okay. Fine. Whatever. Lightning's known for jumping all over the place and never standing still when she fights so I can deal with the attempt to make her clothes more sexy. We can say it adds to her aerodynamics, makes it easier to move around in and--NOPE. Those sleeves and side skirts billow all over the place. Those would be so annoying to do ANYTHING in, nevermind fight. And the world is supposed to be more interactive, right? So we're expected to believe she's running around and not tripping all over those? I know Final Fantasy goes out of its way to have weird clothing but one thing I'd always liked about XIII and even XIII-2 after it (well, Lightning aside in 2) was how functional most of the clothes were. Some bangles here and there and sure Fang had a really long skirt that you could argue falls under the same problems I talk about above but everything looked natural on the characters and no one looked out of place. Lightning just looks like she's playing dress up in this game and I just.. augh. NOT a fan of the design at all.

    :/ I have a feeling I'm gonna be skipping this one until it's bargain price.

    Also, in that sepia scan that leaked early this morning. Snow looked so much like Marluxia and I hate Snow so it made me sad. ;_;

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