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Trophies Awarded to DarkSpade93

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  1. Sackboy
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 10

    The mascot of Sony's LittleBigPlanet franchise, Sackboy is the embodiment of the "Play, Create, Share" concept. Dress him up and change his appearance however you wish - he doesn't mind!
    Earned by: Reaching 600 posts.

  2. Jinjo
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 10

    Jinjos have been found in every game in the Banjo-Kazooie series. These small, intelligent creatures come in a variety of colors and often help Banjo and Kazooie with their exploits.
    Earned by: Reaching 500 posts.

  3. Clank
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 5

    The trusty robot sidekick of Ratchet, Clank is highly intelligent and resourceful. His various attachments include a jetpack, hydropack, and helipack, and he can grow to a giant form to defeat enemies.
    Earned by: Reaching 450 posts.

  4. Goron
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 5

    An extremely strong, yet usually peaceful race from the Legend of Zelda games. The majority of Gorons live near Death Mountain, where they enjoy rolling around and smashing into boulders.
    Earned by: Reaching 400 posts.

  5. Crash Bandicoot
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015

    Crash Bandicoot

    Points: 5

    A genetically-enhanced bandicoot, Crash was once one of the PlayStation platform's most recognizable mascots as he fought the evil Dr. Cortex.
    Earned by: Reaching 350 posts.

  6. Jigglypuff
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 5

    Jigglypuff has a habit of sharing its beautiful vocal talent with both people and Pokémon alike. Unfortunately, its song causes anyone hearing it to go to sleep.
    Earned by: Reaching 300 posts.

  7. Koopa Troopa
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015

    Koopa Troopa

    Points: 5

    Turtles that can be found all throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Jump on them to make them go into their shells, and jump on them again to send the shells spinning away.
    Earned by: Reaching 250 posts.

  8. Cactuar
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 5

    These prickly individuals first appeared in Final Fantasy VI and have appeared in some form in every main series game since. Cactuars look docile enough, but their 1,000 and 10,000 Needles attacks can be devastating.
    Earned by: Reaching 200 posts.

  9. Metroid
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 5

    Parasitic creatures created by the Chozo as a defense against the X Parasite. There are many forms of Metroids, and they can only be destroyed by specific means.
    Earned by: Reaching 150 posts.

  10. Piranha Plant
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015

    Piranha Plant

    Points: 5

    Plants that live in pipes in the Mushroom Kingdom. Some are able to breathe fire as well.
    Earned by: Reaching 100 posts.

  11. Covenant Grunt
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015

    Covenant Grunt

    Points: 4

    The lowest of the low on the Covenant hierarchy, these cowardly grunts are the workhorses of the Covenant forces.
    Earned by: Reaching 75 posts.

  12. Octorok
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 3

    Octopus-like enemies from the Legend of Zelda that shoot rocks. They have appeared in every Zelda game except Twilight Princess.
    Earned by: Reaching 50 posts.

  13. Slime
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 2

    The most iconic creature of the Dragon Quest series, even starring in its own spinoff series of games.
    Earned by: Reaching 25 posts.

  14. Goomba
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 1

    The most basic inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom, Goombas are the foot soldiers of Bowser's army - though there's little they can do except run at you.
    Earned by: Posting a message anywhere on the forums.

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  16. Ring
    Awarded: Jul 29, 2015


    Points: 3

    The basic collectible in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Rings also serve a defensive role allowing you to take a hit - at the cost of scattering all of your Rings.
    Earned by: Obtaining 5 likes.

  17. Rupee
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 2

    The single green rupee is the most basic unit of currency in the Legend of Zelda series. While there have been reports of rupees being found in chests, pots, and even freshly-mowed grass, this is the only proven way to obtain one around here.
    Earned by: Having someone like one of your posts.

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  19. Spartan Helmet
    Awarded: Jun 9, 2015

    Spartan Helmet

    Points: 5

    The helmet of the MJOLNIR armor first worn by SPARTAN-II soldiers and subsequently by later SPARTANs.
    Earned by: Filling out your Xbox Live Gamertag in your profile.

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  21. Villager
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 25

    After settling down in the sleepy Animal Crossing town, the Villager became a fixture of the neighborhood, exploring all aspects of his new life.