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Trophies Awarded to Klippy

    Trophies > Postcount Trophies

  1. Metroid
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 5

    Parasitic creatures created by the Chozo as a defense against the X Parasite. There are many forms of Metroids, and they can only be destroyed by specific means.
    Earned by: Reaching 150 posts.

  2. Piranha Plant
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015

    Piranha Plant

    Points: 5

    Plants that live in pipes in the Mushroom Kingdom. Some are able to breathe fire as well.
    Earned by: Reaching 100 posts.

  3. Covenant Grunt
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015

    Covenant Grunt

    Points: 4

    The lowest of the low on the Covenant hierarchy, these cowardly grunts are the workhorses of the Covenant forces.
    Earned by: Reaching 75 posts.

  4. Octorok
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 3

    Octopus-like enemies from the Legend of Zelda that shoot rocks. They have appeared in every Zelda game except Twilight Princess.
    Earned by: Reaching 50 posts.

  5. Slime
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 2

    The most iconic creature of the Dragon Quest series, even starring in its own spinoff series of games.
    Earned by: Reaching 25 posts.

  6. Goomba
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 1

    The most basic inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom, Goombas are the foot soldiers of Bowser's army - though there's little they can do except run at you.
    Earned by: Posting a message anywhere on the forums.

  7. Trophies > Likes Trophies

  8. Rupee
    Awarded: Jun 8, 2015


    Points: 2

    The single green rupee is the most basic unit of currency in the Legend of Zelda series. While there have been reports of rupees being found in chests, pots, and even freshly-mowed grass, this is the only proven way to obtain one around here.
    Earned by: Having someone like one of your posts.